HISTORY IS COOL: 95 years ago

Sept. 17, 1926

President leaving

President Calvin Coolidge leaves the Adirondacks tomorrow after a stay of 10 weeks at White Pine Camp on Osgood Lake. He feels greatly benefited by his stay in the North Country, but he does not plan to return next year, it is said, preferring to continue his policy of a change in his vacation home each year.

Coolidge at fox farm

Once again Lake Placid has been honored with the presence of distinguished visitors this summer. On Sept. 4, President Calvin Coolidge motored over from the Summer White House on Osgood Lake, in company with Congressman Bertrand H. Snell of Potsdam, and paid a visit to the Alaska Silver Fox Farm on Saranac Avenue.

Earlier in the season, it will be recalled, Mrs. Coolidge visited the farm, inspected the animals, and purchased a handsome red fox scarf. The president told Mr. Sterling, proprietor of the fox farm, that Mrs. Coolidge was very much pleased with her purchase.

The president and Congressman Snell were much interested in the exhibit at the farm and in the rapid strides that the industry of raising foxes in captivity has made within a few years. It was pointed out to him that the European market for these furs is expanding rapidly. Last year, he was told, customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries made extensive purchases of fox puppies from this one farm.

The antics of a pair of badgers brought a smile to the presidential face. After seeing the animals, the president spent some time inspecting the furs on display and remarked on their great beauty. Congressman Snell said that his stay in the Adirondacks has done him a world of good.

After pausing for a minute for the cameraman, the party returned to White Pine Camp.

Stevens flies to NYC

F. Paul Stevens, president of the Stevens Hotel company, leaves for New York City today in the big plane which has been stationed in Lake Placid all summer taking guests up over the mountains and lakes surrounding Lake Placid. Mr. Stevens will fly the plane himself.

He was a pilot in the aviation service during the World War, and since leaving the service he has maintained an interest in aviation. He was of great assistance last February to the pilot from the Curtiss company who flew the biplane up from New York in the dead of winter.

Hotel Marcy work

With the arrival of the steam shovel from Utica on Wednesday, work on the excavation for the new Hotel Marcy has taken a decided step ahead.

William H. McDonald, local contractor in charge of the excavation, has a force of 20 men and several trucks hard at work. The dirt, as fast as it is excavated, is taken down to the lake shore opposite the Northwoods Inn to fill in the bay. On this site, Frank W. Swift, proprietor of the Northwoods Inn, plans to erect a modern pavilion with accommodations for dancing and winter and summer sports of all kinds.

The contractors will be forced to take out about 7,000 cubic yards of dirt in order to make room for the foundation. It is expected that the excavation work will be finished by Oct. 5. Work on the foundation will begin promptly and finished around Oct. 20.

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