ON THE SCENE: Jeff Corwin: Nature matters


Jeff Corwin — creator, executive producer, and presenter of ABC’s “Wildlife Nation” series — attracted a large audience to the Lake Placid Institute’s open Adirondack Roundtable Saturday morning, July 13, to learn about challenges facing Earth’s wildlife, how it impacts human ...

MARTHA SEZ: ‘Cliff was not the sharpest knife in the drawer’


There are no different sides to a story, there are just different stories. This, according to Marco, A character in “My Apology,” a “New Yorker” short story by Sam Lipsyte (July 5, 2021). “People either believe yours or the other one,” Marco says. “Usually the other ...

HISTORY IS COOL: 100 years ago


Vaudeville show - The all-star vaudeville production at the Happy Hour Theater on Monday evening, July 28, in aid of the Adirondack Fund for the Tuberculosis, promises in the words of its promoters to bring “Times Square to Placid.” Dr. Edgar Mayer in giving this benefit attraction ...

LIBRARY NEWS: Lake Placid library plans ‘amazing summer’ schedule


The Lake Placid Public Library has been inundated with visitors from all over the country and the world due to the bustling activity in the area. It is an amazing place to meet a diverse range of intriguing people. The busy summer calendar is filled with programs for people of all ages and ...

GARDEN CLUB NEWS: Learn to love foliage


At the Garden Club of Lake Placid’s recent meeting and annual plant swap, guest speaker John Winkler shared the focus of Lake Placid’s Dark Sky Initiative. He described this as an ongoing coordinated effort to address light pollution in the Adirondacks. While the Adirondack Park has ...

Ironman still gives us chills after 25 years


We don’t apologize for loving the Ironman Lake Placid triathlon, even though the crowds, traffic and training can cause headaches for some motorists, businesses and residents. You only have to be at the swim start at the municipal beach or the finish line at the Olympic Speedskating Oval ...