ON THE SCENE: Storytelling is the oldest art form


Storytelling is the oldest art form. One can easily imagine our ancient ancestors telling others about a successful hunt, how a saber-toothed tiger nearly got one had it not been for the quick thinking of another. The story might have been about a grandmother to her granddaughter sharing some ...

MARTHA SEZ: ‘You have to admire people who don’t procrastinate’


Labor Day is over. Leaf season, which is barely beginning, is something we all think about — what factors are responsible for the really knock-out yellows, reds and oranges we see some autumns as opposed to the drab hues we get in other years? We worry about the quality of the color, and we ...

WORLD FOCUS: Top US general assesses the Ukraine war


I asked Gen. John Michael Loh, now living in Williamsburg, what difference it would make to introduce F-16 fighter-bombers in the war in Ukraine. Loh is a retired four-star general in the U.S. Air Force whose assignments included being vice chief of staff of the Air Force, the second highest ...

HISTORY IS COOL: 100 years ago


Big summer - The summer has been a very satisfactory one for the hotel men and others doing business in Lake Placid, according to E. C. Paarman, secretary of the local Chamber of Commerce. Although June was too cool and generally unfavorable to start people in large numbers toward the ...

Hunting for history


We applaud the Lake Placid-North Elba Historical Society trustees for continually finding ways for the public to celebrate local history, and their latest event — the annual Scavenger Hunt — was a great success. Board member Peter Roland reported that the event was held on Thursday, ...