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April 18, 1924


The month of April so far has proved a disastrous one for bootleggers headed this way. In their determination to make Lake Placid as dry as the Sahara Desert, Sgt. Fred Homedean and his force of state troopers, with the able assistance of Lake Placid Police Chief Thomas Black, for the period from April 1 to 16, confiscated 36 heavily laden cars.

Last week, the federal authorities carted out to the local garbage dump what seemed an ocean of beer and wine and split it upon the rocks. In the last few days, a dozen or more cars were taken, and from these loads the town lockup is now harboring 280 cases of beer and 120 gallons of alcohol which awaits the coming of the federal men, when this also will be destroyed.

According to Black, all of the 36 cars were intercepted between AuSable Forks, Keene and Lake Placid. Nearly all of the booze-runners furnished bail. Five of them, however, were evidently laboring on their own hook and had not the wherewith to breathe the air of freedom. They are now in the county jail to await the disposition of their case by a federal judge.

No more billboards

The bill recently introduced by Sen. Ferris doing away with billboards and signs in the Adirondack Park region was passed on Monday night, says the Ticonderoga Sentinel.

‘Beautiful city’

The president of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Frank W. Swift, in a recent communication to the News has asked for a column a week to be devoted to the many plans that the Chamber has in view for the betterment and upbuilding of Lake Placid, that it may continue to retain its reputation in the front rank of American resorts and that it may at all times present the appearance of a city beautiful. The News is only too glad to cooperate.

The Chamber has adopted an excellent plan to create interest in their meetings, namely the holding of a get-together dinner at one of the hotels on a specially appointed evening each month. The first formal dinner of this kind was held at the Northwoods Inn on April 10, where Mr. Swift acted in the capacity of both host and chairman.

The first question Mr. Swift brought up was that of the permanent improvement of the road around Mirror Lake. He also called attention to the fund for bathing beach and park improvement and appointed a committee to make a survey and submit it to the Chamber of Commerce for approval recommendations to be made to the village board.

The matter of unsightly appearance of parts of the western shore of Mirror Lake due to dumping of ashes and refuse was again brought up, and Mr. Swift asked for a discussion on the subject. The discussion indicated that some of the dumping of ashes had been for the purposes of building a more uniform shoreline, but there was also a great deal of rubbish and refuse being dumped on the shore and in the lake. It was pointed out that municipal garbage collection would remedy much of this condition.

It was also pointed out that it should be a matter of civic pride to have a more presentable shore front.


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