Legacy trails at Mt. Van Hoevenberg need more attention

To the editor:

On Jan. 23, Gov. Kathy Hochul was at Mount Van Hoevenberg announcing plans for the state budget. Included in her budget was $82 million directed for the Olympic Regional Development Authority to keep their venues up to date.

“If you don’t put money in, they won’t be worth going to,” Hochul said. “We will not be able to attract world-class events and sporting events and attract people from all over. We have to make those investments.”

The financial investments that have been made within our venues are certainly important. However, it also takes a responsive and responsible attitude from those running the venues. The lack of attention to most of Mount Van Hoevenberg’s trail system is dire.

Since the “competition trails” have been completed they receive the majority of attention while the “legacy trails” are neglected. The legacy trails are where non-elite skiers can access a less technical course. The legacy trails receive little grooming, minimal tracks are being set, and branches remain on the trails, etc. If you are a novice skier, the competition trails are too hard to learn to ski on. If you are a recreational skier, the competition trails can be too intimidating.

But when the majority of attention is spent on the competition trails, this is the only option year after year. It seems that ORDA is overly concerned with being a “world-class venue” at the expense of the general public.

With new leadership in place and more money from the state, now is the time to welcome all skiers to Mount Van Hoevenberg and create a true world-class venue, not just a 5k loop for elite skiers.

It is time to bring back the love that so many have for this special place and have experienced for generations.


Sarah Galvin

Robin Baxter

Chris and Nancy Beattie

Amanda Cash

Katherine Dates

Todd Eastman

Lindy Ellis

Debbie Erenstone

Denise Erenstone

John and Suzann Fay

Dave and Kelsey Francis

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Dave and Amy Garrison

Aki Garvey

Amy Gotham

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Joanne Lippay

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