Balzac for councilor

To the editor:

Good neighbors are an asset in any community, no less so than in one as diverse as North Elba, encompassing Saranac Lake, Ray Brook and Lake Placid. These municipalities sometimes require conflicting considerations in forming policies affecting all of us. Fred Balzac is dedicated to being a lively presence at municipal board meetings looking out for his neighbors’ interests. While a resident of Jay, Fred stood up to New York state agencies to preserve the Jay Rapids and the Jay Historic Covered Bridge. This may not have been a priority in Albany, but it was a significant win for Fred’s neighbors in Jay. Likewise, special interests draw Fred’s scrutiny whether in the public or private sector. He has been involved in the debate of constructing short-term rental housing in Saranac Lake as well as keeping a 36,000-gallon propane storage tank from a neighborhood in Lake Placid.

Since moving to Saranac Lake in 2018 from Jay with his family, Fred has continued his involvement in the arts and arts organizations. His additional efforts in the area of protecting families, his neighbors and monitoring state and local policies which affect us as fellow citizens are welcome, indeed. A vote for Fred Balzac for North Elba Town Council will be a vote for us all.

Barbara Friend

Saranac Lake

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