LIBRARY NEWS: Catch a snowflake on the Storywalk

A family visiting Lake Placid during the holidays stops by the Lake Placid Public Library to get a kit to participate in the “Catch a Snowflake” Storywalk. (Photo provided)

Welcome to the year 2022. Our eagerness for a more normal year at the Lake Placid Public Library is shared among many people in the community. December proved to be a busy month here at the library with many visitors and patrons looking for that ideal book to bury themselves in. The lake is now frozen and from the reading porch we are able to view the dog sled teams and skiers as they glide across the ice.

Catch a snowflake

What fun the children and families are having catching snowflakes on Main Street these past few weeks. It’s a Storywalk based on the book “When the Snow Falls” by Linda Booth Sweeney. If you have not already stopped at the library to get your kit, we have plenty left for any family wishing to participate. Remember to visit the library website for other happenings at the library: www.lakeplacidlibrary.org.

Homeschool Thursday

Magic will be the theme for our next Homeschool Thursday Program at 10 a.m. Jan. 27 in the basement of the St. Eustace Church. Students will explore this multi-disciplinary theme through a read-aloud, book talks (with books to check out), hands-on activities, and numerous opportunities for extended learning at home. Programs are geared toward children in grades K-6, but other ages are welcome. Masks and social distancing required. Anyone interested in the Homeschool Thursday Program may email us at librarian@lakeplacidlibrary.org for updates.

Ms. Linda’s Story time

Ms. Linda started the new year with a great story about the tree that stands behind the library and how it has persevered over the years. Through all the expansion, which included monstrous construction vehicles, in the past years, this delightful story reminds the children that this special tree thrives on the sound of little children’s voices coming from the library. Every Friday morning at 10:30, children are welcome to join Ms. Linda’s story time either in person or via Zoom. Any questions, call 518-523-3200 or email librarian@lakepalcidlibrary.org.

New arrivals

In the past few weeks, we have added some new books to the children’s shelves. Here are just a few: “Interrupting Chicken; Cookies for Breakfast” by David Ezra Stein; “Bear is Bear” by Jonathan Stutzman; “Pops on Wheels” written/illustrated by Nikki G. Stahl; and “A Penguin’s Quest” by Scott McDermott.

In the juvenile fiction category, there is “Out of My Heart” by Sharon Draper; “Genius Camp” by Chris Grabenstein; “Dungeon Academy: No Humans Allowed” by Madeleine Roux; and “The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne” by Jonathan Stroud.

Adult fiction and non-fiction: The new fiction shelf has many new books just waiting to be chosen. Listed are just a few: “The Sentence” by Louise Erdrich; “Silverview” by John LeCarre; and “The Wicked Widow” by Beatrix Williams. Come in and browse our wonderful collections.

Room for all

The computer room and meeting spaces are open for public use. For more information on using the meeting spaces, call the library 518-523-3200 or email librarian@lakeplacidlibrary.org.

Math tutoring

Any student in grades 6-12 in need of a math tutor please contact the library at 518-523-3200 to set up an appointment with Chris Ward. This program is made available thanks to the Lake Placid Education Foundation Technology and Education Grant 2021.

North Elba Narratives

The Lake Placid-North Elba Historical Society is reaching out to the local community to find those who are interested in sharing a 3- to 5-minute story for this project. We are honored to be hosting many of these interviews here at the library. Anyone interested in sharing a story for the North Elba Narratives, email Kendall Taivalkoski at kctaivalkoski@gmail.com.

AARP tax prep

We are waiting for an update from the AARP volunteer staff on the status of the tax preparation program for tax year 2020/21. As soon as we have information, we will post on Facebook and our website.

(Madonna Barney is a library assistant at the Lake Placid Public Library.)