HISTORY IS COOL: 102 years ago

Dec. 27, 1918

Influenza pandemic

London, Dec. 19 — The Times medical correspondent says it seems reasonable to believe that throughout the world about 6 million persons perished from influenza and pneumonia during the past three months.

It has been estimated that the war caused the death of 20 million persons in four and a half years. Thus, the correspondent points out that influenza has proved itself five times deadlier than war, because in the same period, at its epidemic rate, influenza would have killed 100 million.

(Worldwide deaths from the 1918 influenza were estimated at 50 million, about 675,000 coming from the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

Never since the Black Death has such a plague swept over the world, he says, adding that the need of a new survey of public health measures has never been more forcibly illustrated.

Big community tree

Since the strain of war is ended, many from various New York state cities are flocking to Lake Placid Club to participate in the invigorating winter festivities now in full swing here.

Christmas evening, a great crowd gathered around what in all probability is the largest community tree in the nation. The big evergreen grows in an advantageous center of this peerless resort, but this is the first year that the immense tree has been used as the symbol of Christianity’s greatest feast. And the Methodist church standing in the immediate background perfected the setting.

From lowest limbs to tapering top 60 feet above the earth, innumerable incandescent bulbs of red, white and blue shed a lustre of glory. Over one half a mile of tinsel was used in the decorating. Electricians Alfred Randall and Delbert Bell, the former in charge, with a good force performed the splendid work.

An awe inspired and admiring multitude of visitors and residents joined in the singing led by Miss Viola Cross, and all bowed reverently while the Rev. Sidney Thomas Ruck, Episcopalian rector, offered prayer.

The program concluded by an automobile driving up laden with oranges, and Arthur Adams impersonifying Santa Claus, distributed the fruit to over 500 youngsters.

Later the pageant and enactment of the first Christmas tree legend was given in the Forest of Arden, Lake Placid Club.

Carnival canceled

The Saranac Lake Mid-Winter Carnival has been postponed until the season of 1919-20. This was definitely decided upon at the meeting of the Carnival Association and others interested at the rooms of the Saranac Lake Club Monday afternoon.

The decision was practically unanimous being that conditions are not right. Not only would it be difficult to secure good attractions, but the carnival would not receive strong support during the period of readjustment now getting underway.

It was decided that every effort will be made to make the carnival next year the greatest in the history of Saranac Lake.