HISTORY IS COOL: 88 years ago

Nov. 11, 1932

Hoover wins county

In a deluge of votes Tuesday that attained the proportions of a tidal wave, Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democratic candidate for the presidency, was swept into office with a record electoral vote of 472. President Hoover took six states with 59 electoral votes.

While the nation was going Democratic with a vengeance, Essex County was once again squarely in the GOP columns.

President Hoover polled 10,056 votes in the county to 5,592 for Gov. Roosevelt.

Submarine cable laid

An improvement in telephone service at the north end of Lake Placid will result from the Northern New York Telephone Co. of 2,100 feet of 10-pair, 19-gauge armored submarine cable extending from the property of E.R.A. Seligman on Moose Island to that of Mrs. Caesar Cone on the mainland.

In addition to the submarine cable, 1,100 feet of 16-pair, 19-gauge tape armored trenchlay cable is being installed on Moose Island.

Circuits serving Mrs. Cone and the Pardee and Uihlein camps and the Whiteface Mountain fire station will be rerouted through the new cable. These circuits were formerly routed by open wire through the woods by Connery Pond.

Armistice Day parade

Armistice Day will be observed this morning under the direction of Lake Placid Post 326 of the American Legion.

A parade made up of Legionnaires, ex-servicemen, Boy Scouts, Legion auxiliary and school children will gather for the march at the town hall at 10:30. Parade music will be furnished by the Saranac Lake Legion drum corps and the Lake Placid High School band. Armistice Day services will be held at the Palace Theatre at 11 a.m.

Clothing boxes full

Work at the clothing relief headquarters, established by the Red Cross, Temporary Emergency Relief Administration and the Community fund committee is reported to be progressing in a satisfactory manner.

Numerous families are being outfitted with garments made from donated clothing and material furnished by the Red Cross. Boxes filled with clothing are being packed daily.

Hunting round-trip

“Want to go hunting up at Lake Placid this afternoon?” a New York businessman says to his friend. “We’ll be back in time for dinner.”

This is exactly what two residents of the metropolitan district did recently, according to Fred McLane, manager of the local airport.

Lt. Snowden Nichols, brother of the world-famous aviatrix Ruth Nichols, and his friend J.S. Gerhardt, left Mitchell Field last Sunday morning at 8:30 and flew to Lake Placid in one hour and 35 minutes, arriving in the Lake Placid at 10:05.

All Sunday afternoon they pursued the elusive deer in the forests adjacent to Lake Placid and took off for Mitchell Field at 5 p.m. They flew the latest type of army observation plane. Their average speed on the trip up was 160 mph.