HISTORY IS COOL: 70 years ago

Aug. 18, 1950

The bachelor cometh

Perhaps the Lake Placid chamber of commerce should add a “lonely hearts department” to its many and varied activities. At least an opportunity presents itself every once in a while to dabble in the matrimonial field.

Latest is from a gentleman in Washington, who was so intrigued on a recent vacation jaunt that he proposes to enter the rooming house business here — via the marriage route.

His letter reads in part: “Maybe you could refer me to somebody who is well acquainted around Lake Placid, to introduce me to an unmarried lady who is running a rooming house. She might be interested to meet a middle-aged bachelor like me and eventually get married.”

He did not, however, outline his qualifications for the rooming house business or for matrimony, except that he is middle-aged and a bachelor. Presumably references and photograph will be furnished on request.

Air warning system

Elizabethtown has been listed as one of the sub-air raid warning centers of the state by the New York State Civil Defense commission, it was announced this week. Plattsburgh and Watertown have been listed as key point air raid warning centers.

Mining increases

The Korean situation has brought stepped up production at Republic Steel Corporation’s iron ore mines at Lyon Mountain. The Lyon Mountain mines have gone on a 48-hour week and have taken on 16 more employees since war broke out in Korea.

For several months the mine had been operating on a 40-hour week.

County fair begins

Thousands of people thronged the gates as the Essex County Fair opened on Wednesday at Westport. The mid-century jubilee year fair will continue through Saturday, Aug. 19. A sensational display of fireworks will mark the closing of the fair on Saturday night.

Vaudeville, horse racing, horse-pulling contests and baseball will continue to vie for top spectator interest in the final days of the fair, with the ever-popular horse-pulling contest listed for 10 a.m. Saturday. And on Saturday afternoon, the Hay and Oats Riding Club of Willsboro will stage a horse show. At all times, a startling and elaborate array of agricultural exhibits can be viewed throughout the entire run of the fair.

Drama festival ends

This resort’s drama season came to an unexpected finish this week when Dr. Maria Ley Piscator, president of the Adirondack Drama Festival, announced the conclusion of the festival Monday, two days prior to their scheduled presentation of “Light Up The Sky.”

“In spite of artistic success,” Piscator said, “our responsibilities overshadowed the season’s financial outlook. To continue further a program as ambitious as ours would burden the festival with financial risks to which we do not want to expose our founders, sponsors and subscribers. For this reason, we prefer to conclude our season, fulfilling present obligations.”