WILMINGTON WAY: Travis Holzer and the Wilmington Way

Travis Holzer (Photo provided0

As we continue our “Wilmington Way” series and highlight the town of Wilmington’s awesome team, I get the honor of writing about one of my many nephews.

Of course, Travis Holzer would say he is my favorite nephew. With humor, I have always responded that I like all my nephews and nieces the same. My heart has room for all of them. When one has an army of relatives like I do, it is always the safest way to go.

Travis has lived in Wilmington his entire life. His sense of humor is contagious. Even as a teenager, he always seemed to be able to lighten up the mood of others with quick wit and personality. Certainly, as a family member, I have some pretty funny stories I could write about. However, we will keep to the Wilmington Way of things.

At age 42, Travis has worked for his community a total of 17 years after being hired by former Highway Superintendent Marcel Bruce. Working for our Highway Department, he serves as deputy highway superintendent and holds a commercial driver’s license.

Like most of our town team, he brings a unique addition to our workforce. Coming from a construction and building trade background, he has carpentry skills that rise to the level of a master carpenter.

Travis has an attention to detail. His artistic flare has really shown in projects he has either built or assisted with. Both his grandmother Frances and his dad Mark were artistic and creative. Without a doubt, those family genetics helped shape some of his work. Although they are not with us physically anymore, I am sure they are really proud of him and his artistic creations.

Some of his most recent town projects include building more wooden light fixtures that will be placed in the Preston Memorial Activities Field. Travis is also responsible for working on the new pavilion in the same area.

When it comes to wood design and other carpentry needs, he has become our community carpenter. Working with former Highway Superintendent Bill Skufka, the two of them renovated the new town offices in the upstairs of the community center. Not only do we have a setting we can be proud of, the savings to the Wilmington taxpayers was substantial.

Travis is a previous member of the Wilmington Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad. He has served in various officer positions in his 22 years of service to that organization.

A graduate of Lake Placid High School, he is married to Hope Smith Holzer and they have four children and one grandchild. They enjoy camping, traveling and family gatherings.

Having a family ancestry that goes back generations in our community, a level of expectations has always been part of his fiber. His demeanor and Wilmington Way has made him an important part of our town government and our town as well.

(Roy Holzer is the town of Wilmington supervisor.)