Thanks for cleaning up our communities


Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen many volunteers out and about cleaning up our roadsides, trails and waterways, some taking part in a more formal event and some just out there on their own picking up trash. It’s sad that we need to do this every year, but it’s nothing new. We’ve had ...

How Lake Placid water gets to your house

Guest Commentary

If you ask people where Lake Placid gets its drinking water, most would answer Lake Placid lake. While this is correct, it is only part of the story. Until the late 1990s, water was pumped out of the lake, treated with chlorine and sent out to its water customers. By the year 2000, the ...

ON THE SCENE: Lake Placid Village Cleanup is in good hands


A new team seamlessly took over the Lake Placid Village Cleanup on Saturday, May 5, with many core volunteers still very much in place. Their flexible approach enabled many to attend beloved Ruth Hart’s funeral and still give their all to the cleanup. Volunteers could propose sections ...

MARTHA SEZ: ‘We both stood looking at the ruins of the kitchen’


The Logging Truck Incident! A major life event for my daughter, Molly, and me. I was reminded of the Logging Truck Incident recently when I visited the Keenan Family Rustic Furniture showroom in Keene, because it was there, years ago — 1993? Thereabouts — that Molly and I lived in this very ...