SL Fun Run summer series canceled

SARANAC LAKE — We have all experienced the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in great and small ways. At this time, it seems like things are beginning to “look up” while the state and country begin to reopen and our summer is slowly and cautiously regaining the shape we so quickly lost in March of this year.

Personally, I’ve helplessly watched as my favorite spring/summer races and events have been canceled or postponed. I’ve been patiently waiting for this moment in the hopes that a miracle would arise, but unfortunately the facts are unchanged.

While our home in the Adirondacks slowly rolls out an opening plan, it is a fact that the Fun Run will be in the latest phases of reopening and there for it is with the heaviest heart that I have decided to cancel the summer 2020 season of the Thursday Night Fun Run.

I have run many miles and shed many tears contemplating how exactly to tell you all this news. Anyone who knows me knows my love and passion for running is surpassed only by my love and passion for sharing running, especially with you loyal Fun Runners, and most especially with the children of our community.

At the risk of repeating myself, the fact is that it is still unsafe for us to gather as a group and share the Fun Run this summer. Should state and local government officials decide to, based on facts presented medical professionals, allow the gathering of groups for things like the Fun Run by the end of the regular Fun Run season then I will deeply consider the potential to have a Fun Run later this summer. (or a few!). I will remain in contact with our local government and our sponsorship and update you all along the way. I want to say thanks, as always, to the Village of Saranac Lake and the Saranac Lake Kiwanis Club for supporting all that we do!

I’m so sad to miss the laughs, the smiles, the miles with you all. I’m going to miss the purple, red, and green-lipped grins of our children enjoying their post race popsicle. Remember that you can still, while respecting social distancing guidelines, get out and run. Try a new route, a new trail, a new hill to climb. Keep running. Enjoy a popsicle and send us at the Fun Run some pictures to share. Be smart. Be safe. I look forward to sharing miles with you all soon.

Andy Pickreign is the

director of the Saranac Lake Fun Run