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St. Bernard’s School third-grader Ryan Scollin climbed up on a step stool to reach the microphone on a tabletop podium in the cafeteria, where his teacher and principal were setting up for a spelling bee on Thursday afternoon, Feb. 1 in Saranac Lake. His job was to test the microphone, so ...

Providing more healthy options at food pantries

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: It’s more important than ever to make sure food pantries across the North Country are well-stocked, not just with the essentials that families need to get by but also nutritious options to improve health. The state Department of Health’s recently released report, ...

ON THE SCENE: Addressing childhood adversity and trauma


Growing up in the North Country can be challenging for many youths. It was in the early 1950s and 1960s, and, in many respects, it is even more so today. Back then, we had school bullies, high levels of employment, especially during the off-season, and poverty. We also had many assets; ...

MARTHA SEZ: ‘Back to healthy, nonzombified cicadas’


My daughter, Molly, often sends me links to stories she knows will interest me. Last week she sent an article by Denise Chow, a reporter for “NBC News Science,” describing how two different broods of cicadas — one that lives on a 13-year cycle, the other on a 17-year cycle — will emerge ...

HISTORY IS COOL: 96 years ago


Lake Placid airport - Stressing the need of suitable airports for the continued development of commercial aviation and stating that Lake Placid will undoubtedly have a proper airport even earlier than now appears possible, Leighton S. Bowker of Malone outlined the story of aviation past and ...

INTO THE TREES: Museum explores Lake Placid’s Olympic legacy


Few places in the United States, if any, exude as much Olympic pride as Lake Placid. Deep in the Adirondacks, the small town stands as a focal point of Olympic Winter Games legacy. With such a rich history to sift through, visitors may have a hard time fully grasping the importance of this ...