A new use for occupancy taxes

To the editor:

The recent news of the efforts of the town of North Elba in concert with the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism to hire an economic development director is problematic on several fronts and should not be filled.

I will not elaborate on this point at this time, other than to say, if the town of North Elba has $350,000 (five years times $70,000) to fund this position, these funds instead be used to lower the tax levy for all residents of North Elba. If this action (occupancy tax use change) requires action by Essex County and New York state, I respectfully ask you to begin this process. Let’s use some occupancy tax money to lower taxes for all. If we already acknowledge that affordable housing and high taxes might be a reason it is difficult to recruit workers to the area, then this is an opportunity to lower the tax burden for all.

Don Dew Jr.

Lake Placid

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