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Aug. 3, 1923

U.S. president dies

News has been received that President Warren G. Harding died suddenly at 7:30 p.m. yesterday, Aug. 2. According to reports, death came while he was convening with members of his family, and according to officials statements, it was probably due to apoplexy.

Mr. Harding was born at Blooming Grove, Ohio, on Nov. 2, 1865. He attended college in Iberia, Ohio. He was a country schoolmaster for one year then moved to Marion, Ohio, where he obtained his first newspaper job and where his interests had been centered up to the time of his election to the presidency in 1920.

Distance walker

Lake Placid has the honor of entertaining the world’s famous long-distance walker and pathfinder of the Walking Club of America, James H. Hocking, of Yonkers. Although he is 68 years old and a grandfather, he has claimed that walking makes him younger every year.

Mr. Hocking has been a pedestrian since 1876, when he entered his first race, and he has walked with all of the well-known heel-and-toe men of America. He holds dozens of long-distance records, including from New York to Poughkeepsie in 16 hours; New York to Philadelphia in 19 hours; Boston to Albany in 43 hours; New York to Buffalo in 90 hours; New York to Toronto in 124 hours; and New York to Cleveland in 138 hours.

Mr. Hocking, who is stopping at the Pines for about two weeks, expressed himself as delighted with Lake Placid and the vicinity. He took a little walk to Saranac Lake and back on Monday.

Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle — British author known best for creating the Sherlock Holmes character — and Lady Conan Doyle, who have been spending two weeks at Loon Lake, have returned to New York preparatory to sailing for London. Guests at the Loon Lake hotel and summer cottages enjoyed a lecture given by Sir Arthur last Sunday night on spiritualism.

While at Loon Lake, Sir Arthur spent some hours fishing on the private fish pond of Herbert S. Carpenter of New York, who is at his summer home there.

Polo match

Last Sunday, Lake Placid residents were surprised and enthused over the polo match staged at 3 o’clock by the newly born Lake Placid Polo Club, under the direction of its president, Solon L. Frank.

Mr. Frank is a New Yorker and vice president of the Durland Polo Club in that city. He has been most instrumental in starting the game in the Adirondacks.

Between chukkers, the spectators were entertained by the Grand View orchestra, which played numerous selections, enlivening the spirits of all, and greatly added to the gala atmosphere of the day.

The teams, the Fox Hunters and the Rovers, were respectively led by Philip Connors and Fred Fortune, who played coolly and scientifically, riding hard and using their mallets to good advantage when occasion was offered. The Fox Hunters won the match 4-1.

It is the endeavor to make polo at Lake Placid rank high among the Eastern clubs.

Pulp river drive

Twelve thousand cords of pulp wood have been cut and peeled on the Reed and Strange preserve near Tupper Lake. It will be hauled to the shores of Big Salmon Pond and floated down the Raquette River to the mills of the International Paper Company at Piercefield.

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