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Oct. 7, 1921

John Brown barn

The barn on the John Brown farm is being moved to the back of the house. For some time, this barn has been the most conspicuous thing on the elevation occupied by the buildings, flagpole and monument. It was not there, or perhaps anywhere, in the days of John Brown, and the state has determined to compel it to take a less prominent place.

The wall upon which it is to stand has been built of concrete faced with stone. It is just across the creek, and pond by the ice house.

The lean-to shed that used to give a sort of a rear-view effect to the front of the barn as it appeared from the Cascade Road has been torn down. Only the barn proper is left.

Main Street parking

The meeting of the village board last Monday afternoon boasted a full attendance of the village trustees from the reading of the minutes.

Considerable discussion was had on the subject of parking cars on the new pavement on Main Street. It seemed that there was considerable unanimity in the opinion that the parking should be wholly on the west side, placing presumably a theoretical railing around the Lake Placid Garage and the Northwoods Inn.

Placing the cars at right angles to the curb, at an angle, and even in blocks of four, two wide and two long, with clear spaces between, were mentioned. The opinion of the board members seemed to favor placing the cars at right angles to the curb. A 15-foot car would leave 20 feet of free passage on the east side for traffic, which would allow three careful drivers to proceed abreast. No action was taken.

Camp & Trail Club

The Camp and Trail Club is not a social coterie of the Lake Placid Club. Its chief purpose is still to open up the mountain trails to lovers of the mountains and to provide camps along the trails.

The club has at present six camps that it maintains. During its 11 years of existence, it has opened up and cut brush and fallen trees on trails from Whiteface to McIntyre and beyond.

Now that there is a movement afoot to form an Adirondack Club, being an association of local clubs, on the plan of the Appalachian Mountain Club, the Camp and Trail Club has suddenly taken a new interest in itself, and is calling upon the uninitiated public who use mountain trails to take an interest also.

Its numbers at present are not many, and the work accomplished last year appears less than reported in the days of Henry “Mr. Van” Van Hoevenberg. But its purposes are such that it should interest anyone who travels mountain trails. A boating club interests only those who are wealthy enough to own or hire boats, but a camp and trail club should interest all who have feet and an ambition to use them on the byways of the Adirondacks.

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