SWIMMING THROUGH TREES: Try skiing through the Bloomingdale Bog

Bloomingdale Bog trail (Photo provided)

There are two trailhead locations for the popular Bloomingdale Bog trail, which is an old railroad bed.

Bloomingdale end: Follow Route 192 north from the four corners in Bloomingdale. After almost 2 miles you will see parking for an old railroad grade trail on both sides of the road. This is a popular trail for running, walking the dog or a couple hour walk in the woods. Follow the trail on the south side of the road.

Saranac Lake end: To find this trailhead drive north out of Saranac Lake from the Route 3 and Route 86 intersection. After around 3.5 miles, there is a dirt road on the right. Follow this to the parking area for the bog. The hike through is just under 4 miles.

From the trailhead parking, begin following the very flat and straight grade of the old railroad route. The railroad ties have been removed, so the trail is perfect for skiing even in less than ample conditions. This also makes it the perfect destination for the entire family and beginning skiers to enjoy without the fear of trees jumping out in front of them.

The ski starts through a wooded area but soon reaches the first signs of a bog at 0.75 miles. In another 0.1 miles you will cross a small bridge with nice views in both directions, this is a beautiful spot early in the morning when the light hits the frozen vegetation as Towbridge Brook passes beneath you. Continuing you will see several different areas of the bog and being one of the biggest bogs in the Adirondack Park there is plenty to see.

You have the option to turn around at any time or continue a through ski out to Route 86, north of Saranac Lake, that is if you park a second car at that location. It is roughly 3.8 miles from end to end. Of course, you can always start at either end. Both ends are fantastic for skiing. Lastly, as a side note, be sure to bring snacks for the Canada jays (aka gray jays), as they love to come up to you and eat right out of your hands.