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When you subscribe to the Lake Placid News, you get a direct connection to the community that hosted the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Winter Games. It was no small feat. Only a village with hard-working and dedicated residents — with the persistence of saying “yes we can” when the world says “no you can’t” — could have pulled off those games.

And the Lake Placid News has been there every step of the way. Since 1905, the News has been the hometown weekly newspaper for the Olympic Region. Published every Friday, we cover the village of Lake Placid and towns of North Elba, Keene, Jay and Wilmington.

Lake Placid calls its Olympic venues “legacy sites.” We consider the Lake Placid News a “legacy newspaper.” The News was established five years after the village of Lake Placid was incorporated and the same year the Lake Placid Volunteer Fire Department was established.


Lake Placid News - Feb. 5, 1932

With the help of our sister newspaper, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, the Lake Placid News dives deep into local issues that matter to residents and visitors. The News also gives you regular news from a variety of community organizations, such as the Lake Placid Rotary Club and Lake Placid Public Library. We give you monthly environmental news from local organizations such as the Ausable River Association and Mirror Lake Watershed Association. We give you exclusive stories about the people who live, work, play and volunteer here. From birth announcements to personal milestones and obituaries, we cover residents in all stages of their lives.

The Lake Placid News is still your hometown newspaper.

Award winning? Sure. We’ve been collecting awards for our journalism since the 1970s. But we don’t do this for awards. We do it for our readers.

You can’t get this kind of in-depth local news on social media, radio, TV, the internet or regional magazines in the Tri-Lakes Region of New York’s Adirondack Park — only from the Lake Placid News and Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

Lake Placid News - Feb. 13, 1980

Here’s part of what the Lake Placid News gives you every week:

– Exclusive profiles about residents and community projects

– Coverage of community issues

– Coverage of local governments and school districts

– Coverage of local sports

Lake Placid News - Feb. 24, 1980

– News about your neighbors

– Advocacy for the community

– Advocacy for transparent government

– Forum for local opinions


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In an ever-changing world of digital information, the Lake Placid News consistently connects the community with issues that are important to our readers’ lives. Is the small-town weekly newspaper dying in America? Absolutely not. Every week we say “yes we can” when the world says “no you can’t.” It’s the Lake Placid way.


The Lake Placid News and Adirondack Daily Enterprise are owned by The Ogden Newspapers, based in Wheeling, West Virginia.

The Enterprise is the only daily newspaper published in the Adirondack Park. On stands from Monday to Saturday, the newspaper’s award-winning journalists cover the Tri-Lakes Region, including the villages of Lake Placid, Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake.

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