Results from the CAN/AM Pond Hockey tourney

Pace Hockey Club member recieves his gold medal for winning the Skylight Division in the 20th annual CAN/AM Pond Hockey tournament. (Provided photo — CAN/AM Hockey)

The 20th annual CAN/AM pond hockey tournament was held in Lake Placid this past weekend.

Games were played on the Olympic Speedskating Oval in Lake Placid on Feb. 9 and 10, as well as, on Mirror Lake — behind the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort on Sunday when the ice conditions were suitable for pond hockey.

The tournament featured 95 pond hockey teams from various parts of the United States and Canada. There were six divisions in the tournament that were divided by age.

Below are the top three teams from each division.

CAN/AM pond hockey players battle for the puck on Mirror Lake in Lake Placid. (Provided photo — CAN/AM Hockey)

Algonquin Division

1. Sea Hens

2. Boston Beavers

3. Motogoons

Haystack Division

1. Power Shack

2. Unknown Hogs

3. Frank’s Forecheckers

Marcy Division

1. Lucky Pucks

2. Butcher’s Bill

3. Bombers

Redfield Division

1. Just the Tip Ins

2. Fonthill Chiefs 2

3. Jersey

Skylight Division

1. Pace Hockey

2. Star Spangled Canucks

3. Nashville Sabres

Whiteface Division

1. Ford

2. Windy City X

3. Mighty Hudson Crappie

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