IBSF North American Cup kicks off in Lake Placid

LAKE PLACID — The IBSF North American Cup kicked off at Mount Van Hoevenberg, marking the first outdoor competition of the 2023/2024 sliding season for the stars and stripes. This event also coincided with USABS’ Bobsled Selection Races.

“The athletes have waited a long time to get back on the ice and begin competing,” said Curt Tomesevicz, director of sport performance for USA Bobsled/Skeleton. “So, it was very rewarding to see so many great results. It is the reward of a lot of hard work in the off-season.”

NAC races will continue up north in Whistler, British Columbia on Nov. 29. For full race results, visit IBSF’s website — www.ibsf.org.

Nov. 15

The races began on Nov. 15 with two-man bobsled and women’s monobob. In two-man, Frankie Del Duca and Josh Williamson slid into first with a two-heat combined time of 1:53.64. Geoff Gadbois and Darius Joseph placed third with a time of 1:54.63. Kris Horn and Adrian Adams came in fourth with their 1:54.74 total run time while Shane Fisher and Collin Storms placed ninth with a time of 2:00.54.

Also on Nov. 15, Kaysha Love won gold in women’s monobob with her 2:03.11 combined run time. Lauren Brzozowski placed fourth with a time of 2:04.02, Sylvia Hoffman came in 5th with a time of 2:04.25 and Riley Tejck placed sixth with a time of 2:04.63.

Nov. 16

Nov. 16 brought more two-man and monbob races. Pilot Del Duca placed first again along with Manteo Michell in two-man with a time of 1:53.80. Gadbois and Carsten Vissering placed third with a time of 1:54.85. Horn and David Simon placed fourth with a time of 1:54.97. Grady Mercer and Storms came in eighth with a time of 2:01.29.

Monobob on brought another win for Love with her time of 2:02.39. Brzozowski placed third after a two-heat total of 2:03.60, Hoffman came in fourth with her 2:03.78 time and Tejcek came in fifth with a combined time of 2:04.15.

Nov. 17

Nov. 17 marked the beginning of men’s and women’s skeleton competitions. In the men’s division, Nick Tucker placed third with a two-run time of 1:53.37. Bradley Nicol came in tenth with a time of 1:54.12, Nick Brooks placed 13th with a time of 1:55.01, Darryl Payne Jr. placed 16th with a time of 1:58.50 and Andrew Whittier-Nieses rounded out the pack in 17th with a 1:59.64 time.

In women’s skeleton, Katie Uhlaender placed second with her 1:54.82 finish, Sha’Londa Terry came in fourth with a time of 1:57.95 and Logan Wudi had a fifth-place finish with a time of 1:58.07.

Nov. 18

Men’s and women’s skeleton concluded on Nov. 18. In the men’s division, Nicol slid into third with a combined time of 1:53.36, Tucker placed fourth with a time of 1:53.43, Brooks came in 10th with a time of 1:56.02, Payne placed 14th with his 1:57.17 time and Whittier-Nieses placed 15th with his 1:58.14 time.

In women’s skeleton, Uhlaender won gold with her time of 1:54.42. Wudi placed fourth with time of 1:58.82 and Terry placed sixth with a time of 1:59.97.

The day ended with Day 1 of two-woman and four-man bobsled. In two-woman, Love and Jestena Mattson placed first with a time of 1:57.53 after two runs.Tejcek and Emily Renna placed third with a time of 1:58.86, Brzozowski and Macy Tarlton came in fourth with a time of 1:59.12 and Hoffman and Jasmine Jones placed fifth with a time of 1:59.50.

Day 1 of four-man was a one-heat competition. Horn, Simon, Jace Johnson and Adams earned silver with a single-run time of 57.22. Gadbois, Storms, Joseph and Vissering followed close behind in third with a time of 57.53.

Nov. 19

Events came to a close with more two-woman races and four-man races on Nov. 19. Love earned her fourth first-place finish in a row along with teammate Azaria Hill with a time of 1:56.72. Brzozowski and Tarlton placed third with a time of 1:58.66, Tejcek and Sydney Milani came in fourth with a time of 1:58.82 while Hoffman and Mattson came in fifth with a time of 1:59.82.

Finally, Day 2 of four-man bobsled took place, this time in the form of a two-heat competition. Horn, Johnson, Adams and Simon were victorious with a top time of 1:54.21. Gadbois, Vissering, Joseph and Storms placed second with a time of 1:54.53.

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