Ironman Lake Placid thanks

To the editor:

As we say goodbye to the 24th Ironman Lake Placid, I wanted to profess my absolute gratitude to the race crew, volunteers, athletes and residents who provided support to me and the event this past year. While I had some difficulty times leading up, just about everyone around me stepped up and offered tremendous assistance. Lake Placid and the surrounding communities is such a special place and we should feel honored to help so many people realize their dreams every summer. It turns out that helping others is so rewarding. I cannot express my thanks enough to those who kept me upright and on track. It is an honor to be in my position and I feel it every day. Soooo looking forward to the 25th next year. I had to say thank you so much this year but I promise to pull it all together for the historic quarter century celebration.

Greg Borzilleri

Race director, Ironman Lake Placid

Lake Placid

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