More division with Stefanik

To the editor:

On Monday, our Trump Minion, Elise Stefanik, posted a photo of herself standing in front of a sign which disparaged the current president of the United States. She thought it was worth sharing this crude display with her Twitter followers. The sign — “Foxtrot Juliet Bravo” — warranted her stopping on the side of the road, having her photo taken while pointing and smiling, that’s our current congressional representative. Sure, makes ya proud, don’t it? She decided that rather than debating the issues with her opponent she would use her position to further the divisions within our country.

On Oct. 29, we will have an opportunity to start casting our vote and so far, only one candidate in the 21st district has really shared any type of platform and that’s Matt Castelli. Leadership in the Republican party have shared some of their vision which one has to assume Elise is in lock step with. There are the impeachments of Fauci, Garland and of course President Biden that they have alluded to. The nationwide abortion ban they have drafted. The rollback of the climate initiatives recently enacted. The investigations into the FBI, Hunter Biden (because that really matters), The Jan. 6 committee and any other entity that doesn’t embrace the big lie. Then there are the proposed changes to social security and Medicare where they want to sunset these entitlements on a five-year cycle. That makes retirement planning almost futile. Then there is the constant refrain that they are better prepared to deal with the inflationary pressures we are all facing because, well I’m not quite sure since there is no plan proffered. If that’s not enough, Margery Taylor Green recently said that Republican leadership better plan on including her in a prominent role, lucky us! It is apparent that Elise is ducking real substantive discussions on the issues because she is afraid that voters may realize she’s got nothing but division and the big lie to hang her hat on. Who’s the radical now?

We have a real choice a moderate or a Trump sycophant. Please do your homework, look at the issues and then decide. I hope, like me you will cast your vote for the only candidate that has truly shared his vision, Matt Castelli. I sincerely doubt we will see Matt in front of a sign that says “Foxtrot Delta Tango.” Think about it.

Chuck Damp

Ray Brook

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