Essex County can make history: Vote McGahay

To the editor:

As supervisor of the town of Willsboro and chairman of the Essex County Board of Supervisors, I write to express my ardent support and endorsement of Essex County resident Allison McGahay for justice of the Supreme Court, 4th Judicial District.

I have known Allison and her family for over 13 years, and I am proud to have appointed her commissioner of the Essex County Board of Elections. Allison did an exceptional job working with our Essex County employees to run and manage county and town elections, ensuring fair, honest and legal electoral processes. Working in the Elizabethtown government center, I have witnessed Allison McGahay interact in the court room and with our Board of Supervisors. Allison is always on the side of justice and the constitution and is impressive with her intellect and knowledge of the law.

Allison McGahay has extensive trial experience in courts throughout the 11 counties and that makeup the 4th Judicial District, as well as higher courts. Equally important, she has the temperament required of a great judge. She will listen to all arguments, rule correctly and fairly while treating any who appear before her with respect.

Essex County lies completely within the Adirondack Park, one of only two in New York state that does. As a government leader, I know that Essex County and the Adirondacks have unique challenges and issues that can be best served by someone from the area. Our residents, attorneys and litigants deserve a judge who is readily available and conveniently located to where they work and live.

Essex County has been without a resident Supreme Court justice for over 14 years. This is the year we can correct that and make history by electing Allison McGahay the first woman Supreme Court Justice from the Adirondacks in the 4th Judicial District.

Please join me in electing an Essex County justice and vote to make history on Nov. 8.


Shaun Gillilland

Supervisor, town of Willsboro

Chairman, Essex County Board of Supervisors

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