Hello, Rep. Stefanik

To the editor:

What has happened to Representative Stefanik? In a recent newsletter, she said, “Justice must be served. Prosecute and arrest Andrew Cuomo and fire all of his political appointees. New Yorkers deserve a clean house and a clean slate.” Isn’t she being hypocritical? Trump is also a womanizer and a man who failed to protect seniors, yet she did not ask that he be prosecuted and arrested once he left office? She still supports this man who not only had extramarital affairs but also did not protect any of the citizens of the United States from the coronavirus. At least Cuomo did the best he could to get protection for New York medical professionals who were fighting to save lives. He also got ventilators for our hospitals to treat patients. What did Trump do? Tell us to inject ourselves with bleach? I believe Representative Stefanik is going down a political rabbit hole and I suspect the North Country voters will see how she is making poor decisions and promoting falsehoods. All of which is doing little to help the citizens of District 21.

Michelle Zelkowitz