‘You’ve come, and we’re delighted!’

To the editor:

This is the time of year when as a community and particularly as a business community, we should reflect upon how fortunate we are to have one of the premier horse shows in the world coming to our area.

The first week of the show (starting June 29) would be a relatively slow and difficult week without the horse show. Even the second week after July 4 could very well be less than optimum. The presence of the horse show pretty much guarantees that both these weeks will be economically productive for Lake Placid/North Elba. This is probably the most important event we host all year.

In return for this good fortune (especially in this year of high and escalating costs), as a community, we should sincerely open our arms and welcome all the participants (workers, trainers, grooms, exhibitors, riders) and make each and every one of the them individually feel as if we consider them to be the most important person in the world, or as Ruth Newberry put it back in the 1970s, “You’ve come, and we’re delighted.”

To all the participants in this year’s horse show, thank you for being here.

Very truly yours,

Edwin H. Weibrecht Jr.


Mirror Lake Inn

Lake Placid