Town should welcome Dollar General

To the editor:

Any conversation about a Dollar General locating in Wilmington?

What are the objections? I would think it would be a welcome business in town. I realize that town folks want to keep the small-town feel. That is great, but locals and visitors alike deserve to have a few modern conveniences. Lake Placid gets a lot of our business. Wilmington prides itself on not being too commercialized, but why not spend our money in our town? The nearest Dollar General is in Keeseville. You owe it to yourself to go visit and see the variety that could be available to townspeople: T-shirts and socks to flower pots, motor oil to garden hose. Cold beer and frozen pizza to cellphones and gift cards. Not to mention a wide range of affordable everyday groceries. Things you would expect to find at a general store. A place to browse around on a rainy day or get that one thing you might need to finish a project.

We could be more independent from our neighboring towns rather than being so limited with what we have now. It is easy to get people to speak up against something. Quite different to get people to speak up and support something, even if it might mean disagreeing with family, friend, neighbor or employer.

We appreciate all views, but when is it relevant what seasonal residents and people from surrounding towns have to say in what Wilmington might want and/or need?

The good of the many needs to be recognized and taken into account. Don’t let the loudest opponents silence the people who could benefit the most.

Please send letters and emails to wilmingtonplanningzoning@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Who knows? Maybe someday we could extend the sidewalks to that end of town, attracting possible businesses in the future.

If we can welcome a new bank, why not a new store?

Gary Bushy