Families deserve more

To the editor:

One does not have to look far to understand the cultural importance of family values in the North Country. North Country families are tightly knit, many having lived here for several generations.

Families, especially those with young children, are struggling to make ends meet in the North Country.

The days of a family meeting basic living expenses on one income are long gone. Difficult choices must be made when it comes to a young couple fulfilling its dream of having children and being able to provide for them.

New York is amid a childcare crisis. Even before providers closed due to the pandemic, childcare options were dismal. Finding affordable, quality childcare in our region is seldom possible. There are not enough providers to meet the demand.

North Country constituents raising young children cannot depend on Elise Stefanik to represent their needs. She voted against a $300-a-month child tax credit that would help families afford childcare. She voted against aid to help childcare facilities remain open in high need areas including NY-21.

Anyone thinking of starting a family here please consider the lack of safe, affordable childcare in our region before making your decision. Ask any family with young children, and they will likely tell you how the childcare crisis is a source of constant of familial stress. The situation is desperate. Children and families in NY-21 deserve a congressional representative who is in touch with their day-to-day realities.

Nicole Byrne-Navarro