Recovery and resiliency are our future

To the editor:

One year ago, facing the unknowns of the coronavirus pandemic was scary. Looking back, however, I can see much to be grateful for and reasons to be hopeful about the future. As a community foundation, community is at the center of everything we do. That’s why we want to thank you for working collaboratively to navigate significant challenges along this long, difficult road.

Like Dorothy and her traveling companions in “The Wizard of Oz,” we are walking down a yellow brick road with collective resolve and resiliency. We are grateful for treasures always present in our community and unveiled by challenging times, such as the following:

– Your collective thinking, which inspires our mission, vision, and strategy

– Your wholehearted generosity to give back to this place we love

– Your courage to persevere even when times are most difficult.

While our regional infection numbers have remained relatively low, the pandemic has nevertheless put enormous strains on our health, well-being and economy. Philanthropy provides a way to respond rapidly to community needs and we are grateful for your financial generosity, your care for one another, your kindness and your belief in Adirondack Foundation. We are better when we join together.

One year since establishing a response process, we have deployed over $1.3 million in COVID relief grants, touching thousands of lives across our region. Much of this work continues as we support a new Adirondack Food Systems Network, join with partners and local school districts to improve equitable access to technology, advocate for child care as a basic need and economic necessity, and so much more.

As we look at the road ahead, we are even more confident that place-based, collective philanthropy makes a difference in our communities. We will take joy in continuing our commitment to you, the community we serve, to foster a better, more equitable, and inclusive future. It is a great honor to build and steward dedicated charitable assets to benefit the Adirondacks today, tomorrow and always.

With gratitude,

Cali Brooks

President and CEO

Adirondack Foundation

Lake Placid