Jamie Rogers for mayor

To the editor:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jamie Rogers for many years and have a high regard for him as an individual and as a community servant. I have known Jamie for two-plus decades, and can attest that he is a person who possesses a high degree of integrity and that he also has the leadership capabilities needed to work easily and effectively with all facets of the community.

Jamie is without question a talented leader who has demonstrated that he has the intuitive ability to see how everything fits into the larger scheme of things. His personality is such that he does not act impulsively and his judgements are clearly reasoned and well thought out.

Jamie has been very active in the community; this includes his past service as mayor of the village of Lake Placid from 2005 to 2009, as well his time volunteering on a number of boards and fundraising committees. Currently, he is a board member of the Essex County Industrial Agency and the Homestead Development Corporation and chairperson of the Assessment Review Board.

I am confident that as mayor Jamie would be an outstanding leader and community representative. There are six very important “Cs” of leadership that Jamie demonstrates: character, communication, curiosity, competence, common sense and courage. These characteristics are essential because a mayor must have the ability to make tough decisions. I believe Jamie’s skills, experience and personality would allow him to be both conservative (when circumstances warrant) and visionary in his leadership approach.

Many challenges lay before the Lake Placid community, and the success of both the village and the town will depend on having strong leaders with the capacity to imagine new strategies to prepare for the future. These challenges will certainly be met by Jamie Rogers, who will bring a new perspective as mayor and can guide the village of Lake Placid well into the 21st century.

Jamie Rogers will be an exceptional mayor and he has my unconditional support.

Ernie Stretton

Lake Placid