Monitor Lake Placid’s busy crosswalks

To the editor:

I am an individual who uses a seeing eye cane. On several occasions in Lake Placid, where I live, cars have not been stopping for me at designated crosswalks, despite having ample spatial notice. I have called the police a couple of times and have been told that the only thing they could do is increase their presence. The one time I saw a police officer present, he did pull an individual over and issued a ticket.

The following crosswalks need to be more closely monitored: the one by Hannaford and the one by the Baptist church. Is there any way that the village could monitor these two crosswalks more closely and place signs in the middle of them to remind drivers to stop for pedestrians? I am aware that winter is upon us and this may be difficult to place these signs in the middle of the road because of plowing, but maybe an increased police presence would be beneficial.


Michael Northrop

Lake Placid