Concerns from a second-home owner

To the editor:

What a difference 130 miles makes in fighting the COVID-19 virus! While we are fortunate to have homes in Lake Placid and Schenectady, we usually split the week equally between both homes. Because we fall into the “most at-risk” category, we have not been to Lake Placid. We know there are more hospitals available in the Capital Region should we need one. Also, it’s best to keep our North Country neighbors safe because the number of infections there are much less than in Schenectady.

Memorial Day weekend seemed like the time to return to Lake Placid, but to keep our presence safe for others. That means wearing masks and social distancing at all times. Our trip to the dump was safe because everyone was masked and employees were behind protective barriers. Clearly, mask protection and distancing was the norm for all! We drove through Main Street and were shocked to see the behavior of the tourists! Not only were very few tourists wearing face masks, but the congestion of people walking close together on the sidewalks was not safe. We observed a group of about 12 middle-aged, adolescents girls standing around in a large group on the sidewalk with one adult chaperone. They were not masked and other passersby had to move close to them to get by the congestion. Were they expecting a pre-pandemic shopping experience on Main Street?

An article in the newspaper presented some options for walking on Main Street. Comparing our experiences in Schenectady to Lake Placid, this town has to figure a good alternative to inviting tourists, while keeping the local citizens safe. Please figure this out immediately! If this past weekend is any indication, the tourists do not care for our safety. It is our responsibility to protect ourselves. What tourists leave behind will be much worse than trash!


Sheelah and David Lucier

Lake Placid