Thanks for contributing

To the editor:

On behalf of USA Luge, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the following residents of Lake Placid, Tri-Lakes area, clubs and organizations who assisted us during our fundraising drive for the front line employees. Over $11,000 was raised and donated to 31 different entities that included supermarkets, convenient stores, markets, first responders, food bank, charities and businesses.

Many, many thanks to the following: John and Sandra Taylor, Bernard and Karen Dayan, USA Luge staff, Jim Leahy, Beverly Detwiler, Gordy Sheer, Bill Tavares, Casella, Bob Hanna, Jay Rand, Jeff Potter, Mary Liz Alexander, Ian Coryea, Jim Cushman, Steve and Zowie Lucas, Nancy Mayers, Jason and Laura Hooker, Barrett and Stephanie Quinn, Cory Egglefield, Garrick Smith, Mike Pratt, Claire Delnegro, Central Garage, Jean Alper, Karen and Brian Delaney, Ernie Stratton, Jon and Marie Morgan, Placid Planet, Vick Roy, Jon Fremante, David and Susan Chapman, Phil and Claire Thayer, Jason Leon, Nita Holley, Sandy and Karen Caligiore, Lions Club, Kelly Conway, North Country Radio, Margarita Sears, Greg Benham, Bridget McKillip, Lee Lamparski, Dr. Hyson, Peter and Pam Thomason, Bob and Liz Hughes, Mark and Keela Grimmette, Carol and Vick Kraus, Herman Rozner, Charles Dobson, Lisa G’s, Santos and Kristen Chaparro, Vladimir Sushko, Heather and Greg Perkins, Jim and Joann McKenna, Redneck Bistro, Megan Chacosky, Rebecca Dayton, Barbara Dayton, Bill and Debbie Marinis, Kermit and Carol Gates, Dr. Tramontano. Jo Ann and Len Folin, Cora Clark, Carol Prevost, Cathy and Ted Blazer, David Ploof, Dr, Balestrini, Jack and Karen Knox, Charlie Thomas, Robert and Diana Hamer, Petra Weber, Long Run Wealth, Herbert and Sally Stoerr, Tracy Hovey, Renate Schneider, Adam and Naomi Wild.


Dmitry Feld

Lake Placid