Biking, walking are good activities for kids and families

To the editor:

Daily physical activity is essential for the physical and mental growth of kids. With COVID-19 disrupting daily routines, it’s more important now than ever for families to find healthy, safe ways to exercise.

The month of May marks two nationwide campaigns to promote biking and walking: Walk and Bike to School Day, and National Bike Month. Both aim to raise awareness about the positive effects of biking in your community.

This year, the two campaigns look a lot different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than encourage community events and gatherings to celebrate cycling, the aim is to keep people active in a responsible, safe way and to create connections virtually. Tips from Walk and Bike to School Day include:

– Conduct bike and helmet safety checks at home.

– Go for a neighborhood ride with your family.

– Connect with your friends and neighbors on social media to discuss ideas for improving bike and pedestrian safety.

Walk and Bike to School Day and the League of American Bicyclists have many more tips and free resources for parents, teachers and communities. Visit walkbiketoschool.org and bikeleague.org for more information.

If you prefer to speak with someone locally about ideas for daily physical activity, the North Country Healthy Heart Network’s Creating Healthy Schools & Communities program can help — reach out anytime by emailing khaney@heartnetwork.org.


Kat Haney

Creating Healthy Schools & Communities school coordinator

North Country Healthy Heart Network

Saranac Lake