Yes, I’m afraid

To the editor:

I recently saw a sign outside a gas station in Lake Placid. It read, “OPEN for BUSINESS, Just as our economy should be!” It went on to say that those who are afraid should stay home and that the brave made this country, not the fearful.

Well. I admit that I am afraid. I’m afraid of unknowingly picking up the virus and bringing it home to my family and friends, only to have them infect their friends and families, and so on. I’m afraid of contributing to a pandemic that has already claimed EIGHTY THOUSAND American lives.

We’re fighting a war against an unseen enemy. On the front lines are the health care workers who risk their lives to care for those already infected. Behind the scenes are the teams of scientists working to find a cure and hopefully a vaccine. The rest of us are asked to do our part by denying the one thing the virus needs to survive — fresh bodies to infect. We can only do this by strictly following the guidelines set out by the health experts. Not doing this is to wave the white flag of surrender and allow the virus to claim many thousands of more lives and create far greater economic hardship. Certainly NOT something to feel proud about.

Bob Rosenbluth

Lake Placid