Miracle on Ice in Vegas

To the editor, and Mike Eurizone:

The captain didn’t know taking part in the rally, putting on the “Keep America Great” hat, being cheered by Trump’s base who were all there to show their support of his reelection would be considered “a disgrace” and would ignite controversy? Did not understand how divisive the presidency is?

C’mon, Mike Eurizone!

By agreeing to go on stage with someone — be it Trump of Sanders or anyone else — you automatically show you support of that person and the reasons they are there. Putting on the red hats, which are a symbol of this particular person and all he claims to stand for, only cemented your support.

You’re a member of his golf club and voted for him. If you wanted to show your support, you could have just done it. There was no reason to include your entire team, the team who gave America a valid reason to shout “USA! USA! USA!” 40 years ago. You bringing them to that stage implied that these folk heroes all support the man that you admit to voting for. Did you ask them all if they wanted to join you in showing support of a candidate that all of them may not agree with?

I hope than any of them who do not agree with your support let you know their displeasure at being included. I am letting you know mine at the fact that you put them in that position. And now that you have done it, at least show the courage you did on the ice 40 years ago and own up to the fact that it was part of a political stunt that you now profess to not understand the reactions to.

I’m still proud of your team and their accomplishment 40 years ago. I’ll still brag about meeting Dave Silk at Ironman several years ago. This political support act, however, makes me think that maybe you should have thought more before doing it and that you should not complain that the consequences show that maybe you should not have done it.


Barbara Peduzzi