Let them know you are open for business

Most of us can agree that these are among the most challenging times we’ve experienced. Both the pandemic and the police brutality protests have spread around the world, leaving us all wondering how we will adapt.

Like any problems we see, it is easier to tackle challenges starting with our own little world, locally, rather than the craziness globally. Here at the Lake Placid News, our staffers are talking to residents and business owners on a daily basis, hearing their challenges firsthand. We are impressed with the work our chambers of commerce, visitors bureaus and municipalities are doing to help comply with new restrictions and offer helpful guidance.

At the same time, we see businesses with homemade signs in their windows, lacking money and inventory. We see confusion among residents and visitors wanting to take advantage of the opening phases. We are told that people feel unsure if local businesses are open, wondering if they will find what they are looking for, or if it is safe to use their services or come into their buildings.

We want to help local businesses get the word out so customers can venture out confidently, knowing what to expect. And we have a marketing package that will reach thousands of people in the region, both in print and online. We also will give signs for store windows that clearly say, “We’re Open for Business.”

We are offering this plan at the lowest rate we can without going out of business ourselves. We encourage business owners to reach out to our marketing department so we can develop your “Open for Business” plan.

One thing we know is that the people of the North Country are tough and can survive almost anything. We know we can overcome any adversity that comes our way, and we are proud to hear the solutions and innovative ways we all have adapted to these times.

Locals and visitors need to know we’re open for business. You’d be surprised how we can boost the economy by inviting the world into our little world by being safe, kind and welcoming.