Governor puts food and drink services on notice

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was clearly upset during his daily COVID-19 briefing on Sunday, June 14, by “rampant” violations of New York’s pandemic-fighting restrictions, and he threatened to pull liquor licenses from food and drink businesses that violate the laws.

The governor said there were 25,000 complaints of infractions throughout the state as different regions reopened the economy. As reported in The Associated Press, Cuomo said large gatherings, social-distancing violations and lax face-covering enforcement work against the state’s efforts to keep the coronavirus in check.

“We are not kidding around with this. You’re talking about jeopardizing people’s lives,” Cuomo said Sunday at his briefing.

The governor also said he would consider rolling back the reopening in some regions.

“Before I reverse a statewide position, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do,” Cuomo said. “I’m going to reverse it in those areas that are not in compliance with the rules.”

Most local businesses are following the rules, and for that, we are grateful; it feels safe to frequent those establishments.

For those businesses that are not following all the rules, you heard what the governor said.

One infraction we’ve seen locally is in regard to staff not wearing face coverings at a bar/restaurant. Here is the law for food services: “Ensure all staff wear face coverings at all times.” All times — even if you are more than 6 feet away from a customer. Completely over your nose and mouth, not dangling from your chin. All staff, all times.