Stay informed with your local newspapers

With new developments regarding the coronavirus pandemic being announced throughout the day, every day — locally, statewide, nationally and globally — reporters and editors at the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and Lake Placid News have been working diligently to keep our readers informed in a timely manner.

Now, more than ever, citizens are relying on their local newspapers to get the latest information about the ever-changing world around them.

To say it’s been a challenge is an understatement. As soon as we wake up, we learn about what’s happened overnight. Then, like a series of waves, we get bombarded with new developments almost every hour until we go to bed. And we post those developments for free on our websites as soon as we get them. The next day the cycle repeats, over and over again.

We’ve never seen anything like this in our history. Comparisons have been made to the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918-19, which killed between 50 million and 100 million people worldwide and about 675,000 in the U.S. Will COVID-19 kill that many people? We don’t know, but health officials from around the world are trying to keep the death toll as low as possible.

In this information age, with the world population around 7.8 billion people, this latest pandemic is much different. People live in more concentrated areas than they did in 1918, when the world population was around 1.8 billion. Social distancing is more of a challenge. Therefore, governments have set their own restrictions on how and where people can move and be in contact with each other.

Containing the coronavirus and the spread of the disease it causes, COVID-19, has disrupted every aspect of our lives, from health and safety to education, business, worship, sports, travel and leisure. And news about the latest government restrictions is instantaneous; we can all watch the press conferences on TV or the internet. In 1918, people mainly got their news from daily or weekly newspapers or magazines.

We’re in survival mode. As a species, we’re all just trying to stay alive. And the best way to get current information about our survival — physically, mentally and spiritually — is through the media.

People have numerous ways to get their news today, but the closer to home, the better. You won’t get news about the town hall closing or how your local school districts, libraries or churches are dealing with the coronavirus outbreak from national media. You’ll get it from the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and Lake Placid News.

Stay informed. Read our latest stories online, but also, please buy the newspapers. In the print edition you’ll get more in-depth coverage and features you won’t get on our websites, including sales circulars and coupons from local supermarkets. Better yet, subscribe, and each newspaper will be delivered right to your home. Buying and subscribing to the paper helps us pay our staff to keep covering the news during this difficult time.

Rest assured, you are our first priority. We are committed to bringing you the latest news that’s important to your lives.

We wish you and your families the best of health during these challenging times.