Prepare your resume now for the Tri-Lakes Job Fair on March 4

You’re not alone if you are having difficulty finding potential employees. That is why the Adirondack Daily Enterprise is hosting its fifth annual Job Fair on March 4 from noon to 4 p.m. at North Country College’s Sparks Athletic Complex. We want to help area businesses, agencies and services secure good employees.

Likewise, we want to help job seekers find the right employment – whether it’s part-time or full-time – that will help them achieve their goals.

With more jobs in our area than there are people to fill the positions, it is creating numerous problems for employers. Locally, we have seen some businesses cut back on the hours they’re open, unable to answer phones or wait on customers. With this lack of customer service from being short-staffed, businesses are unable to grow, and as a result they are losing a lot of money.

Employers are trying everything they can think of to recruit potential candidates. Some are offering huge sign-on bonuses, increasing wages and benefits to sweeten the pot. They are advertising what they have available in the help-wanted sections of newspapers, digitally on programmatic recruitment sites like ours, using social media, putting signs in the windows and attending job fairs.

But that doesn’t mean job seekers can just walk into an interview and walk away with a job. Preparation is the key to getting hired.

Below are some interview tips from the New York State Department of Labor.


-Give a firm handshake

-Be polite

-Ask relevant questions

-Answer questions concisely

-Use specific examples to illustrate points

-Send a “Thank you” letter or email to the interviewer after your interview.


-Try to control the interview

-Bring up salary or benefits

-Be too serious or nervous

-Let your discouragement show

-Look at your watch or the clock repeatedly

Below are two frequently asked questions and tips on answering them:

“What is your biggest weakness?”

Choose something that is not a major flaw or negative characteristic – you don’t want to shock the interviewer or make them think you are not a good candidate for the job. Most importantly, don’t just say something negative about yourself and leave it at that – turn it into a positive! Describe how you were able to overcome this weakness and a positive way the situation turned out. Show that you have grown as a person, and how that slightly negative characteristic is now a positive attribute that you can bring to this new position. Whenever possible, use specific situations from your previous job to illustrate your point.

“What is your biggest strength?”

This is not an opportunity to brag. Instead, you need to describe why you are the best person for the job. Give a specific example of your strength, what it has helped you accomplish in past work roles, and how it will be beneficial to your performance if you get this job.