HISTORY IS COOL: 80 years ago

April 7, 1944

Capt. Hart call

Mrs. Edward Hart has received a telephone call from her son, Capt. George Hart, army flight surgeon now resting in Hawaii after active duty in the South Pacific. The young surgeon called to express greetings to his mother and to her twin sister, Miss Mary Gremple.

The call was delayed as Capt. Hart had to go to Honolulu to make advance arrangements for the call and the telephone operator in San Francisco called Mrs. Hart a week in advance to tell her when to expect the call and to advise her on the censorship ruling on overseas conversations. Capt. Hart called his mother and his aunt a year ago from Hawaii and because he forgot that there were restrictions then about his asking about the weather here, the call was cut short by the operator.

This time, mother and son confined their conversation to more personal items.

Gold star

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Gonyea have received a certificate signed by President Roosevelt in memory of their son, Wesley R. Gonyea, technician, fifth grade, who died on March 4 in England after the premature explosion of a mortar shell.

They have also received a gold star and the condolences of General Marshall. A letter has been received from T. Sgt. Roger Marshall of Lake Placid, who served in the same company with the deceased soldier stating that a full military funeral was held and that Gonyea is mourned by members of the company with whom he had served well and was popular as a soldier.

Free fishing

Gov. Dewey has signed a bill under which members of the armed forces stationed outside New York state won’t need a license to take fish, birds and quadrupeds while in this state on furlough or leave.

The new law, which specifically excludes the taking of deer, requires only that the sportsman carry with him his furlough papers or a copy of the order granting the leave of absence and his service identification tag.

Easter anthem

As a memorial to the late Victor Herbert, who made his home in Lake Placid for 25 summers, the St. Eustace choir will sing “Christ is Risen” as their choral anthem for Easter, which was written by the Irish composer 36 years ago.

Although the average person associates the name of Mr. Herbert with operetta scores and orchestrations, few know that he also composed sacred music. The anthem to be sung at St. Eustace Sunday was sung for the first time in Trinity Church, Buffalo, on Easter in 1908. In 1916, he composed a short solo number, “An Easter Dawn.”

Although Irish, Mr. Herbert was an Episcopalian and Mrs. Herbert as well.

Mr. Herbert was enthusiastic about the beauties of this resort and nature inspired him to such great orchestrations as “Morning in the Mountains,” “Woodland Fancies,” “Sunset,” “Mountain Brook,” “Whispering Willows” and “Indian Summer.” In Lake Placid, he wrote the scores of “Babes in Toyland,” “The Red Mill,” “Naughty Marietta” and all of his scores after 1900.

Chicken pox

An epidemic of chicken pox in the Lake Placid School interrupted plans for the Easter entertainment by pupils of the kindergarten and primary grades Wednesday afternoon. It has been set tentatively for Thursday, April 30.

As a substitute for the planned entertainment for the school body, the sacred cantata “Crucifixion” given at St. Eustace church Sunday night was repeated under the direction of Charles F. Lehman.


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