HISTORY IS COOL: 85 years ago

Dec. 9, 1938

Play street

Village trustees are considering the proposal of Mayor George C. Owens to reserve one of the village thoroughfares as a play street for children to avoid accidents during the winter.

Trustee Luke Perkins suggested that the street extending from the top of the hill back of the high school to West Valley road might be converted into a coasting slope for youngsters this winter with a minimum of grading and clearing. A decision will be made at the next meeting.

Blueprints outlining plans and specifications for the installation and operation of diesel engines at the municipal electric plant were presented by M. R. Brooks, representing the American Locomotive Company.

Although no official announcement has been made, indications point to serious consideration by the trustees of a plan to manufacture the power to light this village by the installation of diesel engines. This would supplant the present arrangement of the hydroelectric plant and the purchase of power from the Paul Smiths Electric company, which is distributed over local lines.

Ice, ice, baby

Mirror Lake closed over with ice on Friday, Dec. 2, just a year to the day of its closing date last winter. In 1929, the freezing date was the same. In 1927, it was one day later and in 1935, 1931 and 1921, it was three days later.

The earliest closing date in the last 17 years since a record was kept was on Nov. 16 in 1933, and the latest on Jan. 5, 1925. Last year, the lake skimmed over first on Nov. 23, but heavy rains for several days washed it out, so the official date was recorded as Dec. 2. The lake opened last spring on April 18.


Police here are attempting to put a stop to the practice of local youths hitchhiking to the nearby village of Saranac Lake. On some evenings, as many as 19 boys in their teens are lined up awaiting rides from passing motorists. Police Chief Francis Canfield states that a stop will be put to this habit by hailing the youths into court.

Ice fishing

Those addicted to the sport of fishing through the ice will be interested in an order governing the use of tip-ups issued by Conservation Commissioner Lithgow Osborne, which officially opened the season Monday.

The order permits the use of tip-ups in all bodies of water not inhabited by trout with certain specified exceptions. Bullheads, catfish, eels, perch and sunfish may be taken with tip-ups between Dec. 5 and April 30, and pike, pickerel and pike perch may be taken from Dec. 5 to March 1.

The number of tip-ups that may be operated by each fisherman in this region is limited to five.

Pancake supper

The junior class at the Lake Placid High School will hold a pancake supper in the school cafeteria from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Saturday. Entertainment in the gymnasium will follow. The proceeds will be used toward the fund for the trip planned by the class during the senior year.

Starting at $1.44/week.

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