HISTORY IS COOL: 95 years ago

July 20, 1928

Power outage

Many residents of this section of the Adirondacks were forced to eat cold evening meals on Monday this week when the Paul Smith’s electric power line went out of commission about 5 p.m.

It was not until about 8:30 p.m. that the current was again available. Communities affected included Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake and Bloomingdale. A severe electric storm that evening may have caused the trouble, although no definite report of the cause came through to the village office.

Part of Lake Placid village was supplied with light and power from the village’s own plant. Several times during the past few weeks the Paul Smith’s power has gone out of commission, inflicting considerable hardship and inconvenience upon the communities drawing their electric current from the Paul Smith’s company.

August carnival

What promises to be one of the features of the summer season at Lake Placid, from the viewpoint of both guests and residents, will be the three-day carnival, to be promoted by the Lake Placid Athletic Club Aug. 9-11.

Motorboat races will make up the program for the first day, stated Mayor William Feek, chairman of the carnival committee. All races will be held on Mirror Lake so that spectators may have an uninterrupted view of the entire course.

On day two, the Adirondack open senior and junior diving championships will be contested on Mirror Lake, along with a long-distance swimming race.

The third day will feature a modified marathon running race, probably four times around Mirror Lake. There will also be canoe races and tilting contests. A big water carnival, also on Mirror Lake, will bring the carnival to a close that same evening. There will be a parade of decorated boats in front of the judges’ stand. The entertainment will end with a fireworks display.

Champlain bridge

Two of the coffer dams for the Champlain bridge from Crown Point, New York, to Chimney Point, Vermont, have been completed, and two more are nearly finished. It is expected that within two weeks or less the workmen will begin pouring concrete.

Motorists flock to the site of the bridge each Sunday in large numbers to see how the big job is progressing. Completion of the bridge will greatly shorten the distance to Vermont.

Circus day

Two large audiences Tuesday witnessed Downie Bros. circus at Hurley Field under the auspices of the Lake Placid Athletic Association.

Probably the outstanding act was that of Felix Morales, who walked nearly to the top of the big tent on a tight wire and then made the descent with a head slide. In all, there were 50 acts without one dull moment during the entire show. The Morales family also appeared in another tight wire act in which Felix as a finale did a back somersault on the wire.

Performing ponies, goats, elephants and dogs were on the program. Then there were the clowns.

The street parade marched up Main Street.

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