HISTORY IS COOL: 90 years ago

Jan. 27, 1933

Burns and Allen

Gracie Allen and George Burns of stage, movie and radio fame were weekend visitors in Lake Placid, guests at the Lake Placid-Marcy. They were accompanied by Eugene Campbell, playwright, and miss Gloria Archer of New York.

They attended the Clinton hockey games at the arena, Miss Allen throwing out the puck at the start of play Saturday night. Between periods, Miss Allen and Mr. Burns were heard in typical chatter at the microphone. Miss Allen is still looking for her brother she told her partner and thought he might be hiding in Lake Placid. The group witnessed the bob races on Sunday.

Car through the ice

Completing the long tedious task of salvaging an automobile from the depths of Lake Placid, a group of men gradually raised the car which went through the ice on Jan. 18 to the surface Wednesday morning.

With the exception of the crushing of the gas tank by the weight of the water, little damage was reported to the Plymouth coupe. It is now in a garage drying out after its recent prolonged bath.

The machine is owned by Miss Doris Holcombe of New York who was riding on the lake with Henry Schaub also of New York when it struck a great crack in the ice and began to sink. Both were able to save themselves before the car became entirely submerged.

Channels were cut in the ice in the vicinity of the ice break after it was found that the car had not settled directly below the place where it went down. Grappling hooks on long lines were drawn along the channel particularly in the locality of oil spots which had come to the surface of the water. The car was finally located 30 feet from the place where it broke through the ice. So slowly did it sink that the wash underneath the ice carried it that distance. When found, the machine was embedded in the mud of the lake bottom until it was nearly hidden from sight.

Logs 40 feet long were laid across the channels and hole through which the car was to be raised and an elaborate staging built. Utmost care was taken to prevent any further accident when bringing the car to the surface.

Horses were hooked to the equipment to gradually lift the machine from its resting place in 140 feet of water. The place in which the car went through the ice is 2,000 feet from the shoreline, between Undercliff and Hawk Island. Holcombe and Schaub were guests at the St. Moritz Hotel here. The salvage has been under the direction of Frank Swift, manager of the hotel, and Charles Martin has been in charge of the men employed to raise the machine.

New Olympic plaque

Bearing the names of the III Olympic Winter Games winners, a commemorative bronze tablet has been erected in the lobby of the arena.

Five by seven feet, the big memorial plaque is divided into five vertical panels headed by the five branches of winter sports in which the athletes competed: speedskating, skiing, fancy skating, hockey and bobsleigh. Names of the winners are inscribed in the panels under the sport in which they excelled. The Olympic five-ring emblem centers the decorative top.

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