HISTORY IS COOL: 85 years ago

Dec. 3, 1937

Escape from the lake

A door which had burst open after impact with a boulder was probably responsible Wednesday night for saving the lives of Marion and Charles Estes of Keene, whose car left the road and turned turtle in Cascade Lake shortly before six o’clock.

Miss Estes, a teacher at Keene, and her brother crawled from the machine and had just managed to reach the shore when noticed by Harvey Waits of Saranac Lake. Although thoroughly wet, they seemed to be suffering from no major injuries and were taken to their homes in Keene by Mr. Waits.

Only the rear wheels were visible above the water line and with the lights still on, the upturned car presented a weird wight in the lower of the twin lakes which separate high cliffs in the Cascade pass. The automobile which Miss Estes was driving was purchased from a local garage just 24 hours before the accident. Losing control of the machine, it rolled down the bank and struck several large rocks before turning over and landing in the edge of the lake. The car, which was towed into this village, is a complete wreck.

Mirror Lake ice

After doing the disappearing act on Sunday, ice again covers Mirror Lake. Those who chronicle the annual fall freezing are somewhat befuddled this year as they have already marked their charts as of Nov. 23. Now they must mark it all over again as Dec. 2.

The ice, which formed overnight last week, held up well under several warm days and heavy rains but could not withstand the heavy wind of Sunday, which took the ice out as suddenly as it came.

Who eventually will get the money bet on the freeze-up is a much mooted question. Already some have collected, the money is spent and those who bet on Dec. 2 are looking for refunds.

Torrance cows stolen

Local police and officers from the Ray Brook patrol of the state police are attempting to find the men who took three cows from the barns of Rollie Torrance on the Cascade Road some time during Tuesday night.

Indications point to a good knowledge of the layout of the farm property on the part of the thieves. A truck was driven through a back road by the schoolhouse, and a wire fence was cut to give access to the barn. There the thieves helped themselves to three of the best cows of the herd, a Holstein and two Ayrshires valued at $100 each. They were due to freshen within a month. Tracks to the loading point near the woods were discovered in the light snow which fell during the night.

The theft was discovered when Mr. Torrance, who conducts a dairy farm, went to the barn at 5 a.m. to milk. The cows were picked from various places in the line of 40 animals. The troopers and Police Chief Francis Canfield visited neighboring towns on Wednesday in the attempt to find some track of the thieves.

No new clues had been discovered on Thursday. Reports were made to local police that the cattle truck were seen on the River Road and on Saranac Avenue early Wednesday morning.

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