HISTORY IS COOL: 100 years ago

Aug. 18, 1922

Whiteface highway

The project of an automobile road up Whiteface Mountain is again before the public. This time it is in the nature of a petition to be signed — a petition asking Hon. M. Y. Ferris, state senator from this district, and Hon. Fred L. Porter, member of the Assembly from Essex County, to “use their best efforts to bring to a realization the construction of this road, by such legislation and appropriations as may become necessary.”

The petition states that in the case of the road up Pike’s Peak in Colorado, it will be possible for the state to eventually derive a profit from it, by making a charge to those using the highway. And as to the splendor of the view that rewards the climber to the summit, the petition speaks of “tier upon tier of mountain peaks and hundreds of lakes within sight.”

Robert Isham, of Lake Placid, drew up the petition the day before yesterday at the request of Oscar L. Olney of Wilmington and other leading citizens of both Wilmington and Lake Placid.

Liquor law meeting

Every citizen of true devotion to the interest of Lake Placid will endorse the village officers in their determined effort to put an end to illegal sale of liquor. The cases pending in court are of great importance in their bearing upon conditions of law and order in Lake Placid.

In order to put the awakened conscience of the citizens squarely back of the village and county authorities in these cases, a group of businessmen and summer visitors have planned a mass meeting to which every citizen is invited who wishes to see Lake Placid made and kept clean.

The meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 20 at the Happy Hour Theatre. Men, women and young people are invited. Children under 15 are not expected, in order to have room for adults.

A special invitation is given to any who are in doubt about the law or the wisdom or possibility of its enforcement.

Among the speakers expected are the following: Irving Bacheller of New York, noted author; Byron Brewster of Lake Placid, long a devoted defender of the community against the evil effects of liquor; Chancellor James R. Day of Syracuse University; Mevil Dewey, founder and president of the Lake Placid Club; F. A. Isham, Lake Placid attorney and president of the Village Board of Trustees; the Rev. Charles Parkhurst; and the Rev. Sidney Thomas Ruck of Lake Placid, who throughout the year is laboring unselfishly for the betterment of the community.

Baby show

Miss Nellie Casey, county nurse, and Miss Sheal of Elizabethtown, assisted by the community nurses from Keene Valley, Mineville, Port Henry and Ticonderoga, announced that they would conduct a baby show Thursday at the fair grounds in Westport. All babies under 2 years of age were eligible to entrance and the baby having the best average was the winner, according to weights and measures. The county and community nurses received babies at the rest room and thereby became acquainted.

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