HISTORY IS COOL: 95 years ago

April 23, 1926

Main Street traffic

In order to assist in doing away with the traffic congestion on Main Street in Lake Placid during the summer season, Mayor William Feek last week sent to the directors of the chamber of commerce and many other citizens of the village a copy of parking suggestions.

The list is as follows.

1. Formation of a restricted area on Main Street from Eiff’s to Saranac Avenue.

2. Each taxi firm to be registered and to be limited to one taxi only within the restricted area. Each firm at its own expense will paint one space with red background and white letters. This one space can be kept filled at all times.

3. No truck or other vehicle — either motor, horse or hand-propelled used for the delivery or display of merchandise — shall be allowed to stand or be within the restricted area longer than five minutes unless actually in process of loading or unloading. There shall be no retail selling from any parked vehicle within said area.

4. No parking to be permitted in this restricted area by any vehicle for longer than 30 minutes and for any period over 10 minutes only on the west side — except between the hours of 7 p.m. and 9 a.m.

5. Reckless driving within the restricted area shall not be entirely determined by excessive speed but by the degree of due caution used by each driver.

6. The board urges real cooperation from all local residents in an endeavor to cut down the number of cars left within the restricted area even for the 30-minute period in order to permit summer guests to have adequate parking space.

7. Speeding to be strictly prohibited in all sections of the village, particular attention being paid to Hillcrest Avenue, Saranac Avenue, South Main Street and Mirror Lake Drive from the town hall to the club.

8. The Brewster, firehouse and Hurley lots shall be given special consideration, if possible, for long-time parking areas.

St. Eustace work

With the completion of the roof and side walls, work has begun on the interior of the new St. Eustace Church on Main Street, with workmen under the direction of contractor Leo Malone making all possible speed to have the new edifice completed and ready for worship by the scheduled time in June.

The members of the Women’s Guild of the church have financed the building of the church basement, which is to be called the Guild memorial Hall in memory of the women of the guild who have died.

Girls of the St. Eustace Sunday school have formed a junior Guild under the direction of Mrs. Homer Lockwood. Meetings are held every Tuesday evening.

Lardner at Joyland

Camp Joyland on Lake Placid, summer residence for many years of the famous composer Victor Herbert, has been rented for the coming season by writer Ring Lardner and his wife, of New York and Great Neck, Long Island.

Mr. Lardner’s humorous writings are read and enjoyed all over the globe. He will be a notable addition to the Lake Placid summer colony of writers, artists and musicians.