HISTORY IS COOL: 47 years ago

Dec. 27, 1973

Olympic meeting

Representatives of the Lake Placid Olympic Committee will meet in Washington with representatives of a congressional study committee on physical fitness to discuss the village’s bid for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games. The meeting is a result of a letter sent by the LPOC to President Richard Nixon.

Lake Placid sports director and Olympic Committee member Rev. J. Bernard Fell received a call last Thursday from Michael Harrigan of the president’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, who said the meeting will occur during the first two weeks in January.

Mr. Fell said Lake Placid will be represented at the meeting by four persons, still to be designated. Supervisor-elect Jack Shea will probably be one of them.

Nixon, as vice president, opened the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley.

Lake Placid received the official designation as the United States bidder early this fall from the U.S. Olympic Committee when it met in New York. The bid designation was made contingent upon this locality securing the needed financial backing from state and federal sources to build facilities and administer the games.

If that aim is met, Lake Placid will be represented in the official IOC bidding to be held next fall at Vienna, Austria.

Thus far, the other main contender to be the 1980 Winter Olympic site is Vancouver, Canada.

CMDA anniversary

Pianist-singer-comedian Max Morath will appear at the Center for Music, Drama and Art this Friday as part of the center’s gala first birthday celebration.

The popular entertainer will offer his one-man preview of America during the ragtime years and will feature the piano rags of Scott Joplin and Jelly Roll Morton, the songs of Bert Williams and Irving Berlin and many other early artists, both the famed and the forgotten.

The show blends music, humor, history and satire into a bright and affectionate look at another era.

Ice show coronation

The coronation of a king and queen of winter will be held Saturday evening at the Lake Placid Olympic Arena. The ceremony will be followed by an ice show featuring amateur figure skating champions from the United States and Canada.

Pia Lindstrom, daughter of movie star Ingrid Bergman and newscaster for NBC News in New York, will be crowned queen. Gordon McKellen, national figure skating champion from Lake Placid, will be the king. He will also be a featured skater in the Coronation Ice Show.

The archbishop will be Carl Loveday, news director for Channel 5 television.

Railroad salvage

The dismantling of the Remsen-Lake Placid railroad has still not been halted despite a stop order issued by the Adirondack Park Agency three weeks ago.

As it stands now, New York state and any of its agencies have been banned from interfering with the dismantling of the line owned by the Penn Central Railroad.