HISTORY IS COOL: 79 years ago

Nov. 21, 1941

Women’s bobsled

Announcement by the Saranac Lake Bobsled Club that it will make an effort to solicit the interest of women in the sport of bobsledding on Mount Van Hoevenberg revives the ruling last year by the national A.A.U. that women may not enter into major competition with the men racers.

If the Saranac Lake club succeeds in enlisting women in their ranks, full teams will have to be organized if they are to enter competition and in sufficient numbers so that all-women races may be scheduled. The ruling, according to the announcement last year, was not taken to mean that women were completely barred from racing but only that they could not take part in the same event as the men racers, leaving the remote possibility that some time there would be enough women bobsledders to stage their own events.

The ruling in regard to the women was not new last year but an opinion was secured on an old one in the A.A.U. books which was misinterpreted here for several years. It is the same one which applies to women competing in the same swimming races and other athletic events in which men participate.

Miss Katharin Dewey, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Godfrey Dewey of Lake Placid, was one of the pioneers in racing, first braking for her father and later piloting her own sled which eventually came through to win the national senior A.A.U. title. This came after successive weeks of consistent racing competition in 1940. She has just been made head nurse of the urology department at St. Luke’s Hospital in New York.

Ad’k Film Library

The Adirondack Film Library, a cooperative motion picture service, has been organized by schools in the northeastern part of the state.

The administrative organization for the project was formed at the meeting of the northeastern zone of the New York State Teachers’ Association held at Plattsburgh state normal school. Members of the new film library are now selecting films to meet the needs of the various grades and departments of their schools, subscribing to the idea that the use of motion pictures in the classroom is spreading rapidly as many educators believe that the pictures help the students in accuracy and memory.

Defense enrollment

Another day for enrollment in national defense has been announced. Due to the small numbers signing up for duties in the defense movement on Saturday and Monday, it has been found necessary to fix Tuesday from 2 to 6 p.m. as another opportunity for voluntary enrollment at the town hall.

Only 185 persons have enrolled to date — 94 men and 91 women.

The small number is attributed to several factors, first, that persons do not understand what is required of them; secondly, they hesitate to sign anything for fear they are involving themselves in a situation; thirdly, they fail to realize the full moment of the danger threat or that it is no longer a question of “their war” and not ours. Quite a few hunters are still in camp and are expected to be out of the woods by Tuesday.