HISTORY IS COOL: 70 years ago

Oct. 20, 1950

Freedom bell rings

A total of 140 upstate New York communities will join other free localities of the world Tuesday, Oct. 24, in an international bell-ringing ceremony giving unified voice to people who believe in the freedom of the individual and human dignity.

Tuesday, in addition to being observed as United Nations Day, is the date when the World Freedom Bell will ring out the rallying call to all who would resist communism.

As the World Freedom Bell is formally dedicated shortly after noon on Tuesday, the bells on churches, factories, schools and public buildings, as well as millions of family dinner bells, will be rung in thousands of communities around the globe. The symbolic union of those who stand firm against communism will be the culmination of the Crusade for Freedom.

Color television

Color television can be of greatest benefit to the public if it follows the path blazed by the motion picture industry leading to compatible color motion pictures characterized by freedom from color flicker, Dr. Vladimir K. Zworykin, vice president and technical consultant of RCA laboratories, declared Monday night. He spoke at the 68th semi-annual convention of the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers after receiving the society’s Progress medal and honorary membership.

Dr. Zworykin is the inventor of the Iconoscope, television’s electronic camera “eye,” and he developed the kinescope, electronic picture tube of the television receiver.

GOP women caravan

The caravan of the Essex County group of members of the “100,000 Republican Women’s Club” will start from Lake Placid on Nov. 2. The local efforts toward the “Back to Grass Roots” movement will be inaugurated here at a luncheon for Republican women to be held at the Homestead.

The float, which will head the caravan of cars touring the communities, will be mounted on a car equipped with a loud speaker. Atop it will be a 4-foot elephant, designed by Art Monaco, artist of Santa Claus Village and formerly with Walt Disney. Dressed in women’s apparel, the animal portrays a “lady elephant,” significant of the Republican women voters. “She” will triumphantly trumpet a challenge to victory, according to Mrs. Harold Soden of this village, county chairperson.

Free drive-in show

The Sara-Placid Drive-In Theatre will close after Saturday night’s show, according to an announcement made this week by Ed Hoffman, one of the owners of the outdoor theater located between this village and Saranac Lake. The performance will be free to everyone, and all area residents are invited to attend. The attractions for closing night are “Knock On Any Door” and “Big Sombrero.”

“We appreciate the fine patronage during our opening season,” Hoffman said, “and hope that next year will be bigger and better.”

Hoffman also reminded patrons “that the theater is run for both communities and we would appreciate any suggestions on the operation.”

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