HISTORY IS COOL: 88 years ago

March 25, 1932

Poison liquor

A poison liquor warning for northern New York has been issued by Col. Jefferson D. Davis, deputy prohibition administrator.

Prompting Col. Davis’ warning was receipt of a report showing deadly denaturant in alcohol seized in 23 Syracuse, Earlville, Watertown, Tupper Lake, Utica and Cooperstown raids.

Arena still open

The center of activity these March days is the new indoor ice arena, which will be open at least until April 1, it was announced recently by Supervisor Willis Wells.

In all, 20,000 square feet of ice are available for skating. This is one of the largest ice sheets in the world. Ice is uniformly of the highest quality because of the type of refrigeration system installed. From nine o’clock in the morning until 10 at night, men, women and children enjoy one of the greatest of winter sports in the arena, unhampered by March weather outside.

Music, supplied by radio and phonograph, adds materially to the enjoyment of the skaters, who come from neighboring villages to indulge in skating under ideal conditions.

State trooper radios

Announcement that all patrol cars of the New York State Police will be equipped with short-wave radio receiving sets by Aug. 15 was made by Capt. Albert B. Moore of the force. Police reports will be broadcast to the cars regularly through a short-wave station operated by the General Electric company of Schenectady.

Palace reopens

The Palace Theatre closed Tuesday night to remain so until tomorrow’s matinee (Saturday) when the doors will again be opened and patrons will find our local house of entertainment spick and span with new and thorough renovation.

This painting and renovating has been customary at the Palace for the past five years, and each spring the lobbies and retiring rooms are completely retouched, giving the theater an appearance of brightness and cozy newness that is most attractive. During the three days closing, the mechanical equipment is serviced and the floors in every section of the theater are repainted.

For the reopening Saturday matinee and night two features will be shown, Edgar Wallace’s mystery drama, “The Menace,” starring H. B. Warner and Bette Davis and Buck Jones in “Desert Vengeance.”

Tough going snow

Winter may be late, but it always comes to Lake Placid. Fervently did motorists Tuesday morning agree with this oft-repeated statement.

Cars couldn’t go up or down steep hills. They couldn’t stay on the highway. If they did stay on it they couldn’t go ahead.

A combination of snow and rain, turning to sleet toward morning, made automobile travel a thing to be avoided if possible. And once a car got off the highway it found two to three feet of snow to contend with.

Twenty inches of snow fell in Lake Placid from March 19 to 25.

Hockey runner up

The “total goal” system used in the finals of the National A.A.U. hockey championship proved Lake Placid’s Waterloo last weekend as, after losing the first of the final games with the Atlantic City Sea Gulls Saturday night by seven goals, the margin was too much to make up in their winning game Sunday.

Winning three games from high-ranking teams before reaching the finals. Lake Placid’s chances were considered way up at the start of the game on the Jersey shore. Something went wrong and nine times the puck found its way into the Placid net with only two lone goals to match it, a defeat unheard of in the history of the local team. McGillis broke a bone in his hand which put him out of Sunday’s game. Before they went to Atlantic City they conquered the New York Athletic Club, Crescent Athletic Club and the Bronx club.

Staging a comeback Sunday, the Placid six scored three goals to two of the Gulls. Total scores of the two games decided the championship and it was handed the Jersey team 11-5. A crowd of 6,000 saw the Sunday game at Madison Square Garden and a large number of them were local fans who made the trip to root for their team.

New skates and shows had to be found for every member of the team at the start of the game as they had been carried north in one of the fan’s cars and it was impossible for them to be returned in time for the game. It is reported that an alarm was sent out by police teletype and the car with the skates intercepted at Beacon.